I feel it today!



Quick update for today:

YESTERDAY I RAN 3 MILES!!!!!! The buddy run is great! We were only scheduled for 20 mins and we ran 3 miles instead! AND…I was the one who pushed the 3 of us to finish strong in a sprint! My brothers and Michelle would be proud! 🙂

ALSO…..I have my first place of business agreeing to sell my blood drops for donations! Dave’s Cosmic Subs in University Heights! I am so so so so so excited! SUCH A GOOD DAY! 

Well have to make this short…so sorry! (although I am still not convinced anyone even cares hahaha) BUT as per usual, I would be honored if you supported me in my cause! 



“The journey isn’t always perfect, but always worth taking.”

Hello to my people on the interwebs! (If I actually have any people…haha)

I know you were all so devastated to not be able to read about my life and training yesterday, but it was simply just an overwhelming day with so much to do! No worries I will update you about Monday and Tuesday today!

Monday was my rest day but I had a soccer game, so I still got some exercise! I also got to go have a delicious dinner with a good friend Erin and her little family! We lost our soccer game and it was our first loss (by one point) of this season but we play for fun so it was fineeee…well I say that because they made me play goalie the second half and I haven’t really played goalie since high school so saying it was fine makes me feel better about the 3 goals I let in! 

Yesterday was absurd. Had a doctor’s appointment and was so busy at work that we did not get to take our “lunch break” until 4pm! The life in the lab…experiments wait for no one! Then I went and visited one of my best friends Ashley, and her family which includes a new born baby! I am obsessed with children so I may talk about them often on here even though it has nothing to do with running…lol Then I went to Grammys for dinner and then after some time headed to the track with my brothers Arthur and Josh, along with a family friend Nathan. 

Once again, I cannot say enough how blessed I am to have so many people in my life that are being so supportive of my endeavor. I know that a lot of people look at me like I am out of my mind when I tell them that I am training for a half marathon, but that is okay. The people that I have on my side and who are there for me with training, advice, or anything I could possibly need are all that matters! 

I AM ECSTATIC TO ANNOUNCE THAT I RAN MY ENTIRE 2 MILES WITHOUT A SINGLE CRAMP! I did a mixture of things all day and during my run so I cannot pin point what exactly did the trick but it was wonderful! It is a whole different world to run without feeling like your insides are going to be ripped out from your torso….! I sure hope this wasn’t a fluke and I can get through today with out them as well! 

I think I can say that I am actually, kind of, in the slightest bit starting to enjoy running. I mean I look forward to my runs because I am excited to be a part of such a great thing…but yesterday was the first time I didn’t want to kill myself while I was running! I took a slow and steady pace for my 2 miles and my not so little brother Josh ran right along side me. the whole time telling me what kind of cross training and eating habits I should start to do. He also made me pick up my pace for the last lap and made me run as fast as i could go for the last 200 m. I almost vomed…and just when I thought I was done…he made me do 5 sprints! I really appreciate it now though..that is not something that I would just up and do on my own! My brothers are really just simply the best! 

Tonight on the schedule is a 20 minute run…but I am going for my “buddy run” so I am not sure what we will do. I cannot believe how great of an organization Team in Training is! We have team runs on Saturday and there is a buddy run offered nearly every day of the week. We get weekly emails filled with resources and motivation and there are people literally willing to help you with anything and everything! This will be my first buddy run and according to the email only one other woman is going to be there besides the mentor or whatever running pro is going to be there to help us! I am once again looking forward to my run! I am so pleased with how much I am enjoying what I am doing! 

Well the running front has been going great, but I really need to kick it into gear with the fundraising. I think the end of this week and weekend is when I am going to start my fundraising full throttle! I am not sure if it was doubt I had in myself or the fear of others doubting me (since some fam has already stated so rudely that I cannot do it and they will not donate towards my cause) but I think I am slowly buiding up my runner’s confidence to start. 

Well thanks for reading and again, if you would like to support me in my endeavors to raise money for blood cancer research I would be honored! 

My page can be found here! http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp

Have a great rest of the day!

Monday “not so fun” Funday

Happy Monday! Well for me today has just gone on and on! At least it was my last early morning watching my coworkers kids!

So remember that team run that I was oh so excited for?? Well thanks to my kitten (we are currently fighting) my alarm did not go off Saturday morning because she thought mommy would really love it if she pulled my charger out of the wall so my already dying cell phone would die and shut off! HOW RUDE! I also then didn’t wake up until almost noon in which I sat up thinking “It is way too bright out to be before 8 am”….

So I am sad to report that I still did not get to experience a team run yet, nor did I get to go to the shoe fitting…but I am doing a buddy run with one of the mentors on Wednesday where I hope they can give me some pointers on how to keep those cramps away! Due to my alarm issues and an already jam-packed busy weekend, I didn’t get to do any running except for when I played softball (which does’t really count but it was better than sitting at home on the couch!) and what I attempted to do real quick on Saturday before the Indians game. The schedule changes a little this month… and I have my soccer game tonight which always includes a lot of running and its my rest day so I am kind of making up for it! I am also excited that instead of running for a set amount of minutes it has mostly changed over to an amount of miles. There has always been something I cannot wrap my brain around when it comes to exercising and minutes. No matter how hard you try and you cannot make those minutes go by any faster…but with a distance the faster you go the faster you finish!

Well today’s blog kind of sucks…but I guess it is like running…you have your good days and your bad days! 

Also I have still only raised $10 but I plan on using Facebook as a tool this week and have been in contact with some businesses about putting up my donation blood drops! Hopefully the cash will start rolling in real soon!

Blood Cancer Awareness Fact of the Day:

“Hodgkin Lymphoma patient survival rates have more than doubled to 86% since the 1960s!”

You can help!

If you would like to donate to my cause I would be honored! http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!



Good afternoon party people! I don’t know about anyone else but I am simply ecstatic that today is Friday! I have been babysitting for a coworker all week long and my 4:50am wake-up calls have just been killing me! 

Anyways…Today is a rest day! Last night I made the terribly foolish decision to go running after my sissy treated me to bdubs! BUT…since I made the terrible decision to go before running, so I couldn’t make the even worse decision of not running! To be quite honest, without certain people in my life not letting me cheat on days I’d rather sit on a couch.. I am not sure that I would be as successful as I am right now. 

I went to the track last night with one of my best friends and marathon runner, Michelle. She is quite the woman! Not only did she go out running during the day in the almost 90 degree weather…she brought her running stuff to run along side me for my 20 min run! And I know she probably could have walked faster than I could run! But she was a great motivator! She even had me finishing my last lap at a rather quick pace! I have been struggling with getting cramps while I run EVERY TIME! I have been researching and trying everything possible. If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate them! I don’t let it stop me..because again I think to myself…would I stop if I was fighting cancer..NO. But I am concerned because what I do to get through them affects my form. And the last thing I need is an injury to set me further back than I already am! (Although I really don’t think I am too far behind because I keep up with the training schedule but still…I lack the confidence as a runner for sure.)

Tomorrow is our team run! It will be my first one, and I am soo excited for it! Afterwards we are going to a shoe store specifically for runners to get sized! I am also pretty excited to see what that is all about…although as of right now I cannot afford fancy running shoes! lol It is our long run…but we are still only at 2 miles. Thank goodness we don’t move up to 3 miles until next week because I am not sure I am ready for that! LOL Well Wish me luck tomorrow! I am slight nervous that I will be the slowest one there and will be embarrassed. BUT…this is my first running experience and really just crossing the finish line of the half marathon will be my goal! 

LLS Blood Cancer Awareness Fact of the day: 

“In 2012 a record-breaking 7,763 customized clinical trial searches were conducted using LLS resources” 

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You can start by helping me with my journey today! I would be honored to have you join and support me in my cause! You can find my fundraising webpage at: http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp

Have a wonderful day and a FABULOUS weekend! Talk to you guys Monday! 

Hills….NOT my friend!

Hola! Man do I wish I was still in Mexico with a fancy umbrella drink in hand! But the reality is that I am indeed not in mexico and do not have a fancy umbrella drink in hand! 

I got my first donation yesterday! It was only $10 cash and it was from my mom…but that counts for something right??? only $4,990 to go! haha Yesterday was also our Team in Training Kickoff event! It was so great to finally go meet all of the staff, coaches and team members! Everyone was so great and were literally offering to help with anything and everything you could possibly imagine. I am so blessed and grateful to have stumbled across this amazing organization!

At the kickoff they had a few people there tell their stories…I must admit I got choked up on a few of them but honestly it has just driven me to want to go further with my training and my fundraising. It is go great to be doing something for the greater good of humanity! They provided us with those little blood drops that stores ask at checkout if you would like to donate and they will add it to your bill…so I am gonna try and find some businesses that are willing to do that for me! They also told us about some other great ways to fund-raise and it seemed to make it a little less intimidating! 

On yesterday’s schedule it read “2x Hill”. I had to ask my coach to make sure I understood that correctly as running up and down a hill twice…which was the case. I almost laughed at how simple I thought it was going to be compared to my daily run…BOY WAS I WRONG!

I was planing on going to this little hill that is on this one bike path near my house but my brothers said I could do better. I really do have two of the best brothers ever, (I have 7 of them but these two are just something else!) they are twins and are sophomores in high school. They support me in literally everything I do and make it their job to keep up on me and help in anyway possible. They make me so proud. Anyways enough with the mushy stuff…they took me to this ginormous hill that was more like a mountain in my eyes! (I may be being dramatic but I am still terribly out of shape and it was awfully hard!) To say I struggled with the hill would be putting it nicely. In fact I had to look at the ground and not up the hill while thinking about every person’s story about thier fight with cancer that I have heard to push myself up it…BUT…it also gave me something to try and conquer, which I am grateful to have found. I cannot wait until the day I can run straight up that hill a few times without a problem…now that seems like a goal I will never reach but hey…you’re supposed to aim high right? Plus…hills in San Francisco are no joke! 

I have literally never found something that I feel so passionately about before and it makes me feel so great! Like literally kind of brings tears to my eyes…but I am also a very emotional person so I guess a lot of things bring tears to my eyes! If any of you out there are looking for something to do for the greater good of humanity, I would totally recommend joining Team in training with LLS! Not only are you literally saving lives…but you are enhancing your life, health and self being as a whole at the same damn time! 

Blood Cancer Awareness Fact of the Day: 

“Since the early 1960s the survival rate for many blood cancer patients in North America has doubled, tripled or even quadrupled!” 

As always, I would be honored if you supported me in my cause to help find the cure for cancer! You can find my fundraising website here: http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp

Have a fantastic day, and remember to live today with purpose! ❤

Trying to get through the day…

Today has just been simply awful. I am trying my best to not let today get the best of me! Tonight is the Kick Off Party for our team with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I am excited to go and meet my teammates! (Due to work and going to mexico, I have not been able to to make the first couple of the team runs that are on Saturday morning 😦 ) Then tonight I am supposed to do some hill training! Since we all know that San Francisco is full of hills everywhere…this training will be crucial in the end!

I am still at $0 raised but really I just started yesterday. I feel like it is best to get the word out and about that I will be fundraising and what my goal and cause is before anyone will just be willing to give me money. I plan on asking different corporations for sponsorship, with high hopes from my own place of employment shelling out a pretty penny! I am hoping I can sound convincing enough! Tonight there should be some fundraising help available so I am excited about that! 

Well I hope everyone ( or my maybe one reader – lol)  is having a better day than I am, and that the day only gets better! Remember, no matter how bad it may get…someone out there is worse off than you are! 

LLS blood cancer fact of the day:

“In 1964 a child’s chance of surviving ALL the most common form of childhood leukemia was 3%. Today about 90% of children survive!”

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Start by joining me in support of my cause!