Hello everyone! I have some exciting news! Although it may not show it yet on my fundraising page, I am about half way to my fundraising goal! AND my race is now a little under 3 months away! I am starting to get super nervous. Some more good news is that my knee is finally healed and I have gotten back into my running. It has left me a little bit behind schedule but thankfully I maintained my cardio using the bike and elliptical machine while I couldn’t run! This weekend we are supposed to run 5 miles but I will most likely aim for 4. More and more people are starting to express such interest in helping me to reach my goals, especially fundraising ones and it is really making me start to feel like this is real. 

I mean yeah, I have been running and yeah I have been asking people to donate me money but to hear people tell me that not only have they been noticing a difference in my physical appearance (aka I guess my body is slowly getting toned and in shape, although the scale doesn’t say I have lost too much) but that I have become an inspiration to them is really something! It really makes me feel great about what I am doing! It actually makes me feel guilty about how much more serious I can be about this whole thing. 

This past weekend I volunteered at an aid station at mile marker 55 for the Burning River 100 mile race. MAN, WAS THAT SOMETHING!!!! It was absolutely incredible to see runners coming through that have been already running for 9-13 hours by that time! They had the best attitudes and were truly inspiring! I have never even been to a running even so it was exciting to witness one. I think that I have decided that it is necessary for me to sign up for some other events before mine, even if it is just a 5k just to deal with race day jitters. (They have already sky rocketed!) 

Point of today’s blog….I WILL SUCCEED. I know I have been saying this the whole time but I really think that I am going to pull through. Both financially and physically! And really I have to thank everyone who is supporting me, helping me to reach my goals, and who just has something positive to say to me about it all!

If you would like to join the many who have supported me in my endeavor I would be so grateful! 




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