Today shall be a great day! :)

Good Morning! I am convinced today will be a good day no matter what happens! I went shopping yesterday for good eats! I figured I have been working so hard training and fundraising it is time to start fueling my body properly! AND I actually woke up for workout this morning! YEAH ME! For anyone that doesn’t know me…MORNINGS ARE NOT MY FRIEND! haha 

My knee is almost back to 100% and I cannot wait to increase my miles again! I am hoping to be back to running as usual by this weekend..So wish me luck! 

Andddd…I emailed my coworkers last night after work requesting their support and donations and I already had one person donate and another say that they will! It makes me so happy and even though I am still far from my goal, I know that I can do it!

The garage sale I have in the works is coming along nicely! I have already had some donations made for it! I accidentally planned it the same weekend I was planning on going to Put in Bay so I am pretty bummed about that…BUT this is more important! I feel like October is so far away but the way the past few months have been going by it will be here before I know it…so time to get to getting! 

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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