Just keep swimming, swimming…Errr…Just keep running, running

Happy Friday everyone! 


So I know that I have gone MIA on here recently but to be quite honest I had some bad runs and hadn’t raised any more money beyond the $10 my mom donated and I became super discouraged. I still have been running but they just haven’t been very good. Even my buddy run on Wednesday went awfully. I was the slowest one, which isn’t even the issue but more or so when someone drops back to run with me it makes me feel bad because I know that they could be going a lot faster. Also I don’t know why but the guy leading the buddy run I attend either didn’t seem to like me or looked at me like I was a joke. It could all have just been in my head but I did not leave my run feeling great about myself. The good news though is that I am still doing well with keeping at my schedule and even have done 3 miles during the week and not only as my long run. It is a slow 3 miles but hey, I just gotta keep running!

Besides the fact that I can see my mileage keep increasing, I had a proud moment the other day when I took my cousin to the gym with me. I joined Planet Fitness in February and my first day I tried starting the couch to 5k app. I could barely keep running for 2 mins straight on the treadmill then. Now, not only can I run more than two minutes, but I can run 3 miles consistently and I run multiple times a week!  I really don’t like running on the treadmill but I like going to the gym and I like taking my cousin with me to help her achieve her goals so I will be okay with it once a week! 

I do have some awesomely GREAT news! I was at my hair salon that I have been going to for over 10 years now and I was telling my hair lady and one of her customers about my cause and my endeavors. I have this fascination with runners now. Its kinda creepy. I look at people and wonder to myself if they are runners or what they look like running. So this conversation all got started when I asked her customer if she was a runner. haha Well after the woman left my hair dresser told me that she would allow me to put up a sign and a pretty collection box or vase to raise some money AND on top of it she said that she will donate $1 for every client she has from now until October! I was so happy and grateful I nearly started crying in her salon! After all the discouragement I have had recently, it was just what I needed to get me refocused! If you live in the Parma, Oh area check out Hair studio 42 on Pearl Rd! 


Also some more fundraising in the developing…I have been talking to the pastor (preacher? I guess I am not really sure of his title) of my mom’s church which I have been attending recently and I am trying to get a church-wide garage sale in effect! I figured that people could bring in stuff they had lying around the house and donate it to the sale along with going around to different garage sales as they close on their last day and asking for the rest of their stuff as donations would be a great way to get a massive sale to go down. And then part of the portions raised could go to the church and the other part to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! This was also great news for me! 

I am so glad to have my cheerful attitude back regarding this all and am so grateful and blessed to see that people are going to support me through this! 

Tonight I am going to the Indian’s game to celebrate a friend’s birthday! Dollar dog night and Disney themed fireworks! How can you go wrong!?!? Then I have my team run bright and early tomorrow morning and after am heading to Michigan to go camping with the fam! I am so looking forward to the weekend! Just need to get though the rest of work! 

Here is another motivational quote for you today! (I know I could use all the motivation I can get this week!)

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.'” – Muhammad Ali

As always I would be honored if you could support me in my endeavors! Even donating just $1 would be one dollar closer to finding the cure to caner! Cancer sucks…LETS BEAT IT!



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