Happy Hump Day!

SOOOOO….yes I have been terrible at this blogging thing this past week. (well not quite a week) but the good news is I am still running! Although I am not sure what it has been but this has not been my week for running. It has been a constant mind game with myself just to get up and go let alone actually keep running! lol I went and got new running shoes from vertical runner and I LOVE THEM! I am still adjusting to them though. Going from a pair of 3 year old tennis shoes to a brand new pair that actually supports your feet changes up your style and form a bit and is working all kinds of new muscles, while leaving me quit sore! 


Here are my babies! I had to get them in men’s sizes because I have large feet and the pickings were slim, and although I would have preferred some brighter colors I think these suit me pretty well! 

Today on the agenda is 3 hills. I am not looking forward to them at all! 3 hills seems like nothing…but I know it will be otherwise! lol 

Also I wanted to post a picture from Dave’s Cosmic Subs where they have offered to sell my blood drops for donations! IF you live in the Cleveland area you should check them out because not only are my blood drops there…but also because they are delicious! (20660 N Park Blvd, Cleveland, OH) 44118 is where you can find them! I plan to send out my letters and emails and do the whole facebook thing this week. I have also been toying around with the idea of having a garage sale or some other type of event to try and raise some money. Then it is time to hit up the big dogs and try to get some corporate sponsorship’s! Wish me luck!


As always, I would be honored if you could donate any small donation you could afford to my cause! http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp Have a great day!


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