Monday “not so fun” Funday

Happy Monday! Well for me today has just gone on and on! At least it was my last early morning watching my coworkers kids!

So remember that team run that I was oh so excited for?? Well thanks to my kitten (we are currently fighting) my alarm did not go off Saturday morning because she thought mommy would really love it if she pulled my charger out of the wall so my already dying cell phone would die and shut off! HOW RUDE! I also then didn’t wake up until almost noon in which I sat up thinking “It is way too bright out to be before 8 am”….

So I am sad to report that I still did not get to experience a team run yet, nor did I get to go to the shoe fitting…but I am doing a buddy run with one of the mentors on Wednesday where I hope they can give me some pointers on how to keep those cramps away! Due to my alarm issues and an already jam-packed busy weekend, I didn’t get to do any running except for when I played softball (which does’t really count but it was better than sitting at home on the couch!) and what I attempted to do real quick on Saturday before the Indians game. The schedule changes a little this month… and I have my soccer game tonight which always includes a lot of running and its my rest day so I am kind of making up for it! I am also excited that instead of running for a set amount of minutes it has mostly changed over to an amount of miles. There has always been something I cannot wrap my brain around when it comes to exercising and minutes. No matter how hard you try and you cannot make those minutes go by any faster…but with a distance the faster you go the faster you finish!

Well today’s blog kind of sucks…but I guess it is like running…you have your good days and your bad days! 

Also I have still only raised $10 but I plan on using Facebook as a tool this week and have been in contact with some businesses about putting up my donation blood drops! Hopefully the cash will start rolling in real soon!

Blood Cancer Awareness Fact of the Day:

“Hodgkin Lymphoma patient survival rates have more than doubled to 86% since the 1960s!”

You can help!

If you would like to donate to my cause I would be honored!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!



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