Good afternoon party people! I don’t know about anyone else but I am simply ecstatic that today is Friday! I have been babysitting for a coworker all week long and my 4:50am wake-up calls have just been killing me! 

Anyways…Today is a rest day! Last night I made the terribly foolish decision to go running after my sissy treated me to bdubs! BUT…since I made the terrible decision to go before running, so I couldn’t make the even worse decision of not running! To be quite honest, without certain people in my life not letting me cheat on days I’d rather sit on a couch.. I am not sure that I would be as successful as I am right now. 

I went to the track last night with one of my best friends and marathon runner, Michelle. She is quite the woman! Not only did she go out running during the day in the almost 90 degree weather…she brought her running stuff to run along side me for my 20 min run! And I know she probably could have walked faster than I could run! But she was a great motivator! She even had me finishing my last lap at a rather quick pace! I have been struggling with getting cramps while I run EVERY TIME! I have been researching and trying everything possible. If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate them! I don’t let it stop me..because again I think to myself…would I stop if I was fighting cancer..NO. But I am concerned because what I do to get through them affects my form. And the last thing I need is an injury to set me further back than I already am! (Although I really don’t think I am too far behind because I keep up with the training schedule but still…I lack the confidence as a runner for sure.)

Tomorrow is our team run! It will be my first one, and I am soo excited for it! Afterwards we are going to a shoe store specifically for runners to get sized! I am also pretty excited to see what that is all about…although as of right now I cannot afford fancy running shoes! lol It is our long run…but we are still only at 2 miles. Thank goodness we don’t move up to 3 miles until next week because I am not sure I am ready for that! LOL Well Wish me luck tomorrow! I am slight nervous that I will be the slowest one there and will be embarrassed. BUT…this is my first running experience and really just crossing the finish line of the half marathon will be my goal! 

LLS Blood Cancer Awareness Fact of the day: 

“In 2012 a record-breaking 7,763 customized clinical trial searches were conducted using LLS resources” 

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You can start by helping me with my journey today! I would be honored to have you join and support me in my cause! You can find my fundraising webpage at: http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp

Have a wonderful day and a FABULOUS weekend! Talk to you guys Monday! 


2 thoughts on “T.G.I.F!!!!!

  1. If it’s a stomach cramp you’re having, flex your ab muscles like you’re doing a standing crunch. Do a couple of those and it should work itself out.

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