Hills….NOT my friend!

Hola! Man do I wish I was still in Mexico with a fancy umbrella drink in hand! But the reality is that I am indeed not in mexico and do not have a fancy umbrella drink in hand! 

I got my first donation yesterday! It was only $10 cash and it was from my mom…but that counts for something right??? only $4,990 to go! haha Yesterday was also our Team in Training Kickoff event! It was so great to finally go meet all of the staff, coaches and team members! Everyone was so great and were literally offering to help with anything and everything you could possibly imagine. I am so blessed and grateful to have stumbled across this amazing organization!

At the kickoff they had a few people there tell their stories…I must admit I got choked up on a few of them but honestly it has just driven me to want to go further with my training and my fundraising. It is go great to be doing something for the greater good of humanity! They provided us with those little blood drops that stores ask at checkout if you would like to donate and they will add it to your bill…so I am gonna try and find some businesses that are willing to do that for me! They also told us about some other great ways to fund-raise and it seemed to make it a little less intimidating! 

On yesterday’s schedule it read “2x Hill”. I had to ask my coach to make sure I understood that correctly as running up and down a hill twice…which was the case. I almost laughed at how simple I thought it was going to be compared to my daily run…BOY WAS I WRONG!

I was planing on going to this little hill that is on this one bike path near my house but my brothers said I could do better. I really do have two of the best brothers ever, (I have 7 of them but these two are just something else!) they are twins and are sophomores in high school. They support me in literally everything I do and make it their job to keep up on me and help in anyway possible. They make me so proud. Anyways enough with the mushy stuff…they took me to this ginormous hill that was more like a mountain in my eyes! (I may be being dramatic but I am still terribly out of shape and it was awfully hard!) To say I struggled with the hill would be putting it nicely. In fact I had to look at the ground and not up the hill while thinking about every person’s story about thier fight with cancer that I have heard to push myself up it…BUT…it also gave me something to try and conquer, which I am grateful to have found. I cannot wait until the day I can run straight up that hill a few times without a problem…now that seems like a goal I will never reach but hey…you’re supposed to aim high right? Plus…hills in San Francisco are no joke! 

I have literally never found something that I feel so passionately about before and it makes me feel so great! Like literally kind of brings tears to my eyes…but I am also a very emotional person so I guess a lot of things bring tears to my eyes! If any of you out there are looking for something to do for the greater good of humanity, I would totally recommend joining Team in training with LLS! Not only are you literally saving lives…but you are enhancing your life, health and self being as a whole at the same damn time! 

Blood Cancer Awareness Fact of the Day: 

“Since the early 1960s the survival rate for many blood cancer patients in North America has doubled, tripled or even quadrupled!” 

As always, I would be honored if you supported me in my cause to help find the cure for cancer! You can find my fundraising website here: http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/nikesf13/tmasonhslp

Have a fantastic day, and remember to live today with purpose! ❤


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