Trying to get through the day…

Today has just been simply awful. I am trying my best to not let today get the best of me! Tonight is the Kick Off Party for our team with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I am excited to go and meet my teammates! (Due to work and going to mexico, I have not been able to to make the first couple of the team runs that are on Saturday morning ūüė¶ ) Then tonight I am supposed to do some hill training! Since we all know that San Francisco is full of hills everywhere…this training will be crucial in the end!

I am still at $0 raised but really I just started yesterday. I feel like it is best to get the word out and about that I will be fundraising and what my goal and cause is before anyone will just be willing to give me money. I plan on asking different corporations for sponsorship, with high hopes from my own place of employment shelling out a pretty penny! I am hoping I can sound convincing enough! Tonight there should be some fundraising help available so I am excited about that! 

Well I hope everyone ( or my maybe one reader – lol) ¬†is having a better day than I am, and that the day only gets better! Remember, no matter how bad it may get…someone out there is worse off than you are!¬†

LLS blood cancer fact of the day:

“In 1964 a child’s chance of surviving ALL the most common form of childhood leukemia was 3%. Today about 90% of children survive!”

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Start by joining me in support of my cause!


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